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Sep 21 / thomas.krafft

It’s still a shit sandwich…

In spite of my general belief in fiscal conservatism and the need to reign in wasteful spending (without just cutting budgets for important programs that We want), I think the way in which today’s GOP leadership is going about this seems all wrong. For anyone who pays attention and carefully examines all arguments, the GOP has clearly made a choice to take advantage of people’s general ignorance and play on their fears and emotions, rather than come up with the best solutions to problems, and then explaining why they’re the best solutions to the nation.

The latter path is the best one, but admittedly much more difficult, and not always the most popular course of action… The former is a choice for fools and dishonorable men.

I wrote something once that is relevant here: No victory of ignorance, nor one that disregards the lessons of history, could ever produce noble or lasting good.

Add to that, all these other seriously fringe positions from the extreme edge of the party (such as banning all abortions in all situations – or, in other words, being forced to watch my wife die, if we decide to have a baby and something goes wrong during her pregnancy). The leadership of today’s GOP leaves me thinking of that old saying about shit sandwiches: It doesn’t matter how much lettuce, condiments  and other nice things you put in it, it’s still a shit sandwich.