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Apr 22 / thomas.krafft

Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People

You gotta love The Onion. I always enjoy the use of humor and sarcasm to highlight the really stupid things people do – particularly in the area of politics.
What’s up with politics today, that anyone (in this case, Mitt Romney) feels compelled to hide from his own past, because parts of his own party would actually criticize him for helping people? Oh the shock, the horror – that someone would actually show some compassion, empathy and frankly, a true understanding of what it should mean to be American.
But more disturbing to me, is that Mitt is just one of hundreds of politicians on the state and national level today, who seem to be following some sort of new rule, which says “we must oppose everything the other side supports.”
It’s ridiculous, and I think truly un-American, if we’re going to throw those kinds of words around. Why can’t Mitt believe in universal healthcare AND responsible spending? Because healthcare is being marketed by Republicans as some liberal pinko commie conspiracy by socialist communist nazi fascists to overthrow the country and rule according to the laws of Islam. It’s a bit difficult to support something with all that negative marketing attached to it.
It doesn’t matter that all those things are untrue. What matters is that Republican leaders and their cadre of paid advisors and marketeers have been so effective in making enough people believe in their bullsh**, that they’ve effectively made it impossible to even remotely appear to support anything “they” (all others) do.
As I mentioned before, I’m still amazed at how good Republican politicians are at marketing bad ideas. Meanwhile, Democrat politicians can’t seem to find an original idea, even when handed directly to them by really – smart – people.
Democracy means formulating policy based on the mix of our various interests and desires – not just doing 100% of what one politician (who got a few more votes than the other guy) wants. I want healthcare. And I want the gov’t the spend my money responsibly. And I’ve rarely encountered anyone who is not similarly in favor of both “promoting the general welfare” and avoiding “a welfare state”. So, where’s my representation? Where are my candidates for state and federal government?
Mitt Romney is simultaneously running away from, and being criticized for, the fact that he actually did help average everyday American people (by giving them easier access to cheaper, government-controlled healthcare). Shame on him, not only for betraying the general public, but his own beliefs as well.
Seriously, why do these sheep always try hiding behind wolf costumes? Why can’t they just come clean with the American people, and tell us what they really want? At least then I would respect them. Of course, then they wouldn’t get any votes, or gain seats of power which they could then use to pass laws that go against everything they said during their campaigns.
And when you put it that way, doesn’t it seem even more sinister?
In today’s political games, one thing is clear to me: I’ve never known any/either side to be correct 100% the time. So the fact that they want 100% of their views forced onto an American public who only barely supported them, just slightly more than the other guy, should be of serious concern to all of us.
Many of us want healthcare security – AND we also want government to be careful spending our money. Why are these guys limiting me to only one choice? Why are they calling people like my mom a nazi or terrorist? I think it’s because they (all of them) don’t really care about me anymore. They’re too busy trying to figure out what their opinion and position should be today, so they can be the most popular person on the planet, and get voted into office again. At that point, they’ll then be free to do whatever they want.We know Democrats spend too much. Republicans (the big oppressive government kind we’re seeing floating to the top in increasing numbers today) want to destroy institutions and efforts that we have knowingly encouraged our government to support, over the course of nearly 100 years (since the Great Depression).

But we achieved what we have to this point, by trying to get our elected representatives to negotiate and compromise and develop laws and regulations that don’t generally go too far in either direction. The only times I can think of anything going terribly wrong, have been because of laws that were passed without any serious negotiation or compromise, and which were intended simply to serve a small, narrow group.

Mitt has shown the world he’s just a weakling, only able to compromise on one very important thing: himself.