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Apr 22 / thomas.krafft

More neat charts (inspired by Rachel Maddow)

So, Rachel Maddow is a big fan and self admitted nerd about “charts and stuff”… As am I, Rachel. As am I.

I’ve always liked Rachel’s style, and think her MSNBC program (“The Rachel Maddow Show”) has been getting even better in recent months, as she has found her stride in really going after the dirty grimy underbelly of today’s political scene. She’s covering stories that are being ignored or outright missed by other media outlets, which is both exciting, and disappointing (wondering what all the other “reporters” could possibly be doing with their time, that is any more important than American civics).

Anyway – just a short post to say “Thanks Rachel”, and to bump an older post back to the top. It’s a post that contains many numerous and sundry chartswhich are actually updated monthly, by our friends at Bloomberg.¬†I know. Awesome, huh?

And once again, a reminder for my friends from both sides of the political aisle: Everything up until January 19, 2009, happened under Bush’s watch. Everything after that date is rightfully “owned” by President Obama. Notice how most of the lines go in bad directions while Bush is in office, but start turning around with Obama? Now, we still have a ways to go in recovering from the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression… but seriously – unless charts and, you know, numbers and stuff are the work of Satan, I think it’s safe to say these charts contradict¬†Republicans postering and their attempts to roll back everything the President has done. I’d rather keep trusting the one who is improving things, than give control back to the ones who caused most of the mess in the first place.