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May 31 / thomas.krafft

Sarah Palin and her rightwing friends just don’t get it

This week, Sarah Palin tours the old country in a bus covered in graphics that say “One Nation” and “We The People.” That makes for impressive visuals, but is one of the clearest demonstrations of right wing hypocrisy I’ve seen in a long time.

Dear Sarah: “One nation,” and “We the people” includes liberals, atheists, gays and non-whites, and a healthy majority of folks who actually do want the federal government to spend money on programs that will keep them out of bankruptcy or worse, when they get sick or want to (*gasp*) retire from work, and enjoy a few of their remaining years working on their own happiness, instead of giving more of the highest productivity and profits to corporate employers.

I’m just sayin’, Ms. Palin… “we the people” does NOT mean only the right wing conservative anti-government, (and oddly also) pro big government, pro big business, anti science, anti Earth crowd who blindly follow you.