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Jun 5 / thomas.krafft

Republicans again caught using conspiracy, fraud, federal crimes and slick marketing to win.

In case anyone doesn’t know how the political game is being played these days, just read this one example.

Wisconsin Republicans got caught conspiring to plant a fake Democrat in an election, so the incumbent Republican could keep their job. And when caught, the Republicans decided to sue the person who caught them. In politics, I like a fair fight, and can appreciate common sense opinions from both parties, which voters can then choose between. This however is not just some random idea reserved only to Wisconsin Republicans. It’s happening in many different ways in every state. Conspiracy, fraud, federal crimes and slick marketing. These aren’t the Republicans of my father’s generation. This is something else entirely.…
The Wisconsin Republicans are suing over a secret tape made May 25 during their party’s monthly general membership meeting that revealed their plan to to plant a spoiler Democrat in the recall for state Senator Kapanke.