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Jun 29 / thomas.krafft

To my Republican and Democrat friends…

To my Republican friends: Sorry. We now have national healthcare, like all other modern nations. And seriously, there are no Death Panels. If you believe that crap then please yes, move to Canada. They’ll tax you at about 60%, but at least you can get medical treatment when you’re actually sick.

And to my Democrat friends: This is by no means a mandate for government to fix all our problems, or for agencies to assume they can make all my decisions for me… Because what invariably happens is agencies and politicians start over-reaching: Right now, I’m not allowed to use my fireplace, plastic bags, adopt a dog (because I actually work and am not home all day), my water bottles are being threatened next (even though I absolutely refuse to drink tap water), and local agencies seem to be imposing so many small business regulations that small business is nearly impossible now. When conservatives (regular people, not politicians) say they worry about big overreaching government, that’s what they’re talking about.

And PS: Yes, I know the GOP politicians also overreach too. It’s beyond my comprehension as to why they spend so much time talking about gays, non-whites, and vaginas… but there you go. I think stupid is what happens when people just stop paying attention or taking time to really understand an issue.