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Aug 18 / thomas.krafft

Paul Ryan…. Seriously?

Paul Ryan opposes abortion in all cases, even if the mother’s life is at risk.

So, if my wife and I try having a baby, and something goes wrong, this politician says she should die, that her two children should lose their mother, her family lose their daughter and sister, and that I should lose my wife… Paul Ryan says I should be forced  to stand there and watch her die. Well, I’ve got news for Ryan and all his Tea Bag friends too: You’re done.

Wasn’t this the same party that, just a few years ago, talked about being “compassionate conservatives”? I guess that was just another empty campaign slogan meant to evoke a positive emotional response, instead of just telling people their true intent and risk losing an election.

It would have sounded crazy just a few years ago to say the Republican party would nominate someone as their candidate for Vice President, who says that women should just have babies or die trying. Just a few years ago, beliefs like this were considered crazy religious extremism. But today, the GOP considers this reasonable? They’re done.

Ryan, you and your kind are certifiably insane at best. At worst, you’ve chosen to betray common sense, decency and any allegiance to the very democratic and societal values that have helped America to grow and survive for more than 200 years. You have no business representing any main-stream political party. You have effectively destroyed the GOP that once stood for fiscal conservatism – the party that acted as a limiting force against unnecessary spending. Now, you want rich people to pay nothing in taxes, poor people to be indentured servants, you want to eliminate all social programs, and you want the government to literally force me to watch my wife die if any complication arises during our pregnancy.

I’ll make this very simple: If Ryan or anyone ever does anything like they’ve proposed, which puts the lives of my wife and family in jeopardy, they’d better get their karate ready – because I’ll be coming after them. Yup, I did just say that – and I sincerely hope more people do too.

We’ve tried to be civil and courteous with these crazy people, and they only grow more emboldened and arrogant. The time for civility is over now. I’ve waited 4 years for the GOP to just come up with a valid plan for anything – but instead, they’ve done nothing – other than pursue one and only one goal: gaining power and control. And for what purpose? I really hope the Democrat politicians don’t just sit around passively waiting to find out (again).