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Oct 19 / thomas.krafft

Boy Scouts of America

For those seeking to attain some greater religious and spiritual enlightenment, your thoughts on the two Boy Scout related events that both occurred yesterday should confirm for you whether you’re on the right track or not. One of the stories very clearly describes an abomination of biblical proportions, an act of evil and sin committed against God and all of humanity. The other story is about a Boy Scout who should be given his Eagle Scout award.

On the exact same day (yesterday), the Boy Scouts organization was forced by legal order to release details on more than 1,000 child molesters they knowingly and willfully tried to keep secret from the public for more than 20 years. In every case, the Boy Scouts of America chose to allow these pedophile monsters who prey on innocent children to remain free, choosing not to report them to police, effectively allowing them to continue hurting other children – and it was all just to protect their own corporate image.

On the same day (yesterday), a young man, Ryan Andresen, who has devoted most of his life to serving his community, earning the respect of friends and family through public service and conducting his life according to high personal standards, was again denied the Eagle Scout award by the Boy Scouts organization, because he is gay – which does not “meet Scouting’s membership standards” (a policy against gays based on common religious views today).

So, what is the lesson here for people of faith? Which of these stories demonstrates evil and sin, and which story reveals God’s eternal Grace? This one day is yet another example, or opportunity, for Christians (and other religions) to choose: continue to blindly follow words written on pages of a book and others’ interpretations of them, or believe in our own hearts, the answers we can perceive with our own eyes and ears.

That a young Boy Scout who has sought to live his life by doing good for others, should be cast out of an organization that itself is now clearly guilty of protecting truly evil people within its own ranks, serves as an example for all of us. There is a right, virtuous and morally correct answer to this parable, and there is a test of faith and salvation in these two stories – and you absolutely will not find the right answer, nor any enlightenment, in Leviticus 20:13.

Yes, this is a test of Faith… which is being failed, ironically, and again, by those who believe they’re closer to God.