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Oct 24 / thomas.krafft

Dear DNC…

Why is the President in a 50-50 fight with a Republican who has no clear positions, views that have been soundly proven wrong by history, and who is from a party who drove the world into total fiscal chaos just a few short years ago? Because Democrats are terrible at two things: (1.) Telling people, simply, why something is important to our future… and (2.) showing citizens that you understand CURRENT conditions.

Dear DNC: You should fire all current Democratic Strategists. They’re not doing the job they’re paid to do. Case in point: It took me less than 5 minutes to write the following position/response for healthcare. It addresses the CURRENT concerns of citizens, those who might even support the notion of national healthcare, but who (more importantly) simply do not have any more money to give the government for any reason. While Republicans have skillfully taken advantage of people’s fiscal fears and emotions, the DNC has only focused on lofty long-term future visions that mean nothing to average voters. This is just one example of how the DNC and the President’s strategic messaging could get to 70% support or greater, instead of 50/50. Pay attention. This is important.

This is how you respond to any attack on Obamacare:

Yes, Obamacare costs something. Everything costs something. But in the case of healthcare and insurance costs, doing *nothing* costs MORE.

Romney’s plan to just force uninsured to use the emergency room, while leaving those who are insured at the mercy of an unregulated insurance industry, is simply not a plan at all – but rather just kicks the can down the road. That’s not leadership.

Making insurance companies actually provide benefits we pay for, helping Americans who can’t afford medical care right now, and reducing healthcare costs by TRILLIONS of dollars through waste cutting and, more importantly, access to preventative care is the most effective, and moral, solution to this problem.

That’s what we’ve tried doing here. Coming up with real solutions that help sick people get care, while putting in place a plan to reduce healthcare costs in the long term. I know you’re seeing insurance companies moving their rates around right now, but the plan we’re putting in place will bring these rates back down as more Americans become insured.

This is how America works – we take care of each other. It’s called compassion.

And for those who say that compassion is “communism,” or that their current insurance is working just fine for them, all I can say is this: More of your fellow Americans are trying to tell you that the current healthcare and insurance options are *not* working for them. They’re asking you, and us, each other, to solve this problem – and not just kick the can down the road.

Compassion is not communism. It’s the right thing to do. That’s what Jesus teaches us Christians, and what followers of every faith believe to be in accordance with their moral teachings of Faith, Hope and Charity.

In accordance with America’s best values and ideals, and to reign in skyrocketing healthcare and insurance costs, it is time to make healthcare work for us, for the People – and not only for companies whose primary objective is to profit by NOT paying any benefits to help sick people.