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Oct 25 / thomas.krafft

Texas vs The United Nations

Interesting story here about the Republican Attorney General of Texas, who has threatened to arrest representatives of the United Nations who will monitor American elections in key areas, to ensure there is no interference with the voting process.

Here are my comments…

My grandfather, retiring after 50 years of hard work, and a veteran of WWI, had been saving money for years so he could take my grandmother on their first real vacation, ever. They could go anywhere they wanted, and spent months planning a grand European vacation to see the old place where grandpa was born, along with all the other beautiful countries most people had only ever seen in James Bond and Julie Andrews movies.

Their first stop? New York. They went there specifically to see the new UN building. My grandfather, and most people of his time, had seen enough of war and nation-conflicts. The UN has always represented the hope of peace among nations. And the only way to achieve peace is to provide a common, neutral place where representatives from all countries – including the ones we don’t like – could come together, conduct diplomatic discussions, and make lasting agreements towards peace and international cooperation.

I hear people criticize the United Nations, but I don’t understand it. No international organization can force any country to do anything its people don’t want. Even if the UN were some nefarious organization, they have no power to do anything to America. But the UN mission and purpose speaks for itself. Just because you host all nations, and give them a forum to discuss and vote on all issues, doesn’t mean the mission is wrong, or the purpose is suspect.

I, like my grandfather, and anyone who has grown weary of war among nations, believe strongly in the United Nations and its mission to help achieve peaceful relations among all nations.

This Texas, Republican AG clearly has no respect for the history and purpose of the UN – and worse, either by intent or ignorance, shows a complete disregard for legitimate concerns people have about the actions of his own party in terms of voter restrictions and manipulation.