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Dec 18 / thomas.krafft

Gun Control Proposal

Here’s a proposed policy to address gun violence and gun control, while respecting the intent of the 2nd Amendment, or well regulated militias and gun ownership by peaceable, law-abiding citizens:

(1.) Pertaining to anyone living in the United States with mental health issues that can produce violent or suicidal behavior; people with a history of violent behavior, including any convictions, battery offenses, and/or threats against others that have been filed with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies; and anyone currently on a terrorist watch list, or with known affiliations with groups that promote violence against other Americans, such as the KKK, but not necessarily any groups that simply have complaints and suspicion about the federal government:

(2.) These people cannot legally obtain any type of gun, under any circumstance.

(3.) Guns are not permitted in any house where any of these people live, unless at minimum,

(4.) all gun(s) will be secured in such a way as to prevent non-peaceable individuals from accessing them.

(5.) All guns must be stored or locked in such a way as to prevent theft or accidents, particularly when children are present. Anyone living alone may be granted certain exceptions, but theft prevention is paramount.

(6.) No citizen may obtain any gun without background checks and verification of compliance with these requirements.

(7.) Gun licenses must be renewed every 6 to 12 months.

(8.) All guns and gun owners must be registered and uniquely identifiable, with records maintained digitally within a single, central agency or organization.

This organization does *not* have to be governmental, but can only be granted this authority by the federal government. The NRA, for example, could be granted this authority, so long as…

(9.) all records for gun licenses and weapons must be accessible, in real-time, by local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities with court issued subpoenas or who are pursuing matters of national security.

(10.) Violators will be fined or imprisoned up to $1,000 and/or 1 month per unreported weapon.

(11.) Any laws or regulations limiting the collection or reporting of gun related crime, theft, sale or transfer information are immediately rendered null and void, and may never be implemented again.