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Feb 19 / thomas.krafft

The GOP has been destroyed by Rush Limbaugh and FOX News

Just for (political) reference: Before Rush Limbaugh, FOX News and virtually any conservative news channels even existed, Reagan (and Nixon) won 49 states. And after (ever since Rush and FOX went on-air)? The GOP has lost 5 of 6 presidential elections by popular vote. How’s that working for them?

Maybe the GOP should stop blaming the “Lame Stream Media” and start looking at their own lame politicians and party leaders. They’re are the ones who took the party down Crazy Road starting some years ago… not the ACLU, not MSNBC – and definitely not that socialist nazi Muslim Kenyan un-American illegal immigrant dictator Obummer who created death panels to kill your grandmother and who staged Newtown so he could take away your bibles and guns.

FYI, that last part was serious sarcasm directed at the GOP and Tea Party’s most ridiculous public statements, on the record, in 2013.