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Mar 23 / thomas.krafft

North Dakota House: Smarter Than God

The North Dakota House has just passed a ballot measure banning all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, or where the life of the woman is at risk. Source:

So, just so we’re clear here: A virgin couple could fall in love, wait until marriage before consumating their relationship, only have sex in order to procreate (not for pleasure), and do everything else required by the new religious authority in North Dakota. But then, when the woman discovers her own life is in jeopardy due to the pregnancy (which happens far too often, unfortunately), the new religious police now have the authority to force the husband to watch his wife die, and to force any children they already have to lose their mother.

In other words, being a “good” Christian isn’t even good enough for these people.

The members of the North Dakota House have revealed how they truly feel about life, and freedom, and even about God. To them, nothing matters more than giving human religious authorities complete, total and absolute authority over everyone else. These Dark Age dominionists have become all the worst evil mentioned in the Bible they claim to uphold – and not too surprisingly, they did so in exactly the same manner Jesus and all the prophets said they would: Cloaked in religous garb, arrogantly claiming to possess the wisdom of God Himself.

God gave you logic and reason. Use it.

If God is all powerful and all knowing, wouldn’t He have already known some babies wouldn’t be born, since before the beginning of time? Wouldn’t He have known Eve would want Adam to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge? Wouldn’t He already know every single sin or mistake to ever be committed by any man on Earth? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the entire religious notions of sin are completely wrong. Yes, man should strive to be better than himself. But man will make mistakes. Either God created some of us for no other reason than to punish us for all eternity, or God loves us no matter what – and the only real punishment for our sins could ever only be whatever we choose to feel about, and learn from, our actions.