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Mar 14 / thomas.krafft

The Press is Broken

So, the Koch brothers have said “November’s election results … are part of a trend that, if not reversed, will destroy the American dream.”

For any American with a sense of history and even a basic civic knowledge, this sentence actually reads “November’s [free and democratic] election results … are part of a trend that, if not reversed [by deceit and manipulation of Americans], will destroy the American dream [for me and others who really want America to become a one-party fascist state, just like China, but controlled by just 400 wealthy families].”

injusticefactsAnd now they plan to buy up several major U.S. newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and Los Angeles Times.

It’s ironic that these two people are wealthy today only because of liberal immigration policies, support for a free press, and by the grace of a government that allowed private shareholders to invest and build railroad and transportation infrastructure.

The Kochs have benefitted greatly from a free and democratic American process they now wish to destroy. We opened the door for them, and now they want to shut it in our faces.

We criticize state-controlled media in fascist and communist nations, because we know they are suppressing free speech and truth. Why then, is there no similar response when two individuals – who also have a history of suppressing free speech and truth – try to control a majority of media we Americans read, see and hear?

Pay attention America.