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May 15 / thomas.krafft

Banning plastic bags and bottles

I’m progressive and pro-environment. But every time the paper bags (which I’m now forced to buy) tear apart, and all my groceries crash to the ground, I’m almost tempted to vote Republican.

And given what we know of GOP tactics, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually help encourage this legislation behind the scenes, just because it ends up making people pissed at Democrats. I don’t know anyone who is happy about the ban on plastic bags here in California. And guess who we all blame?

Also, in this state, I’m not allowed to use my own fireplace, or wash my own car. I’m told I must reduce my non-recycle waste by x-amount or face penalties, but then apparently can’t be trusted to recycle plastic bags or bottles. This is over-reach.

Don’t tell us what to do – tell us what needs to be done, and we’ll help as much as we can, just as we always have.

I’d suggest environmentalists put their resources into encouraging more recycling, making it easier and more convenient to recycle, and – most importantly – making sure everything we DO put into recycle bins is actually being recycled rather than ending up in landfills anyway.

Otherwise, if you continue trying to CONTROL behavior rather than INFLUENCE more positive behavior, people like me will increasingly resent and vote against you – even when they agree with you in principle.