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May 6 / thomas.krafft

Threatening American Citizens with Loaded Weapons

Adam Kokesh is promoting an “open carry” march on Washington, which actually threatens armed violence against a government that was democratically elected by American citizens.

By extension then, Kokesh is directly threatening anyone who votes. He threatens democracy, and America. He threatens you and your family. Just ask yourself what happens if Kokesh and his supporters start walking around your town, asking who you voted for, and whether you support gun control. Will he shoot you? That’s exactly what he is promoting, by marching against “the” government – which is actually OUR government.

It’s time for all political leaders to publicly state whether they support this anarchist and others like him, or whether they reject them. Now.

Being American means you are part of a larger process of laws and governance. Sometimes, the majority will agree with you. Sometimes, not. Either way, you have an obligation to support that process. Otherwise, if you don’t support the democratic process of voting, or any notion of majority rule, then being “American” means nothing. These militants want a world of anarchy with no government whatsoever – which is funny, considering how much government and their fellow citizens have helped them to even be here today to propose this nonsense.

But this is actually far worse than simple crazy nonsense – it’s a threat to you and your family. It’s time for every elected official, from the president down to your local dog catcher, to publicly state whether they support the democratic process, or whether they want anarchy. And if they choose anarchy, then let’s call them anarchists, not “Libertarians” or “Tea Party” members, but anarchists who want to eliminate all voting, all democratic process, all freedoms and rights, and who want the world controlled by whoever is the most armed, and least intelligent.