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Nov 9 / thomas.krafft

Pro-Life, Before Birth. After That, You’re On Your Own.

They say you must have that baby, but they refuse to do anything to help you avoid getting pregnant, or to support you if you do, or to help you personally and financially care for your child after it is born. For that reason, they can’t call themselves “pro-life.”The right-to-life movement, as most religious movements today, seems to have lost all sense. They focus on their demands, but seem to have no concern or awareness about any issues related to their main position.

  • They say abortion is wrong because it kills a baby, but then they also want to outlaw abortions in cases where the life of the woman is in jeopardy. Is her life not important?
  • They say abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control, but they also want to ban all other forms of birth control anyway.
  • They say sex is wrong if you’re not married, but even if you are married they say sex should only be for procreating – not pleasure.
  • They won’t allow school to teach sex education, or for women to have access to birth control to prevent pregnancy, because they just don’t see the connection. They have no idea that no woman ever in history has ever needed an abortion, who wasn’t pregnant.
  • They want the government to force you to have a baby if you’re pregnant, but they won’t allow the government or the world to help you.
  • If you’re poor, they don’t want you to collect unemployment or welfare.
  • If you’re uninsured, they willingly ignore the fact that insurance companies have long considered pregnancy a pre-existing condition for which they could deny you coverage.
  • Once you have the baby, if you consider giving it up for adoption, they have cut all funding for adoption services and foster care – making it almost inevitable that your child will grow up neglected and alone.
  • But if you wish to keep your baby, they have cut or tried to eliminate all funding for programs that help you care for, feed and shelter your child.
  • They’ve cut education and early development programs.
  • And if, while you were pregnant, your doctor told you the baby would be physically or mentally disabled, not only do they want to force you to have that child, but they’re against all funding for medical and mental health services.

Yes, they want to force you to have every baby, even if you were raped, even if your life is at risk, and even if your child would be severely disabled by mental and physical pain throughout it’s entire life. And they also want you to suffer personally, without healthcare or living wages, and without any government benefits or assistance.

They shouldn’t call themselves pro-life, if they don’t even care about yours.